About Bounce House Rentals In The Northwest

I am a party enthusiast that lives in the Northwest. I once owned a bounce house rental company, met all of the business owners in the area, and later sold my rental company in order to help other companies acquire more customers. Since I’m familiar with the bouncer rental companies in the Northwest United States, I decided to start this blog in order to educate potential bounce house renters on the best companies I’ve come across. It’s hard to believe, but many party rental companies don’t have the best safety practices which ended up causing injuries to children at parties. While the internet is rich with Yelp, Google My Business, Facebook, and others, I wanted to give you some party rental company reviews from someone that’s been in the business. I want to reach every person out there that’s looking for these types of services, so if you know anyone throwing a party in the near future that lives in the Northwest, please send them to this website!